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Welcome to SORMAS Official Page
From Piloting to Immediate Outbreak Control

Our goal is to improve infectious disease control and management by applying control measures in a timely manner and to verify disease cases. We ensure availability of validated real time surveillance data which would in turn lower the disease burden through enabled contact tracing while monitoring of potential future cases. We offer easy-to use, multi-functional mobile health (mHealth) and electronic health (eHealth) applications which provides real-time data availability and compatibility with standard surveillance systems

SORMAS Mission
The Surveillance, Outbreak Response Management and Analysis System (SORMAS) aims to improve prevention and control of communicable diseases particularly in resource-poor settings. The system is being designed by those involved in public health surveillance and disease control. SORMAS is free of charge and adheres to highest data protection standards, good scientific practice and open access policy

Surveillance Outbreak Response Management & Analysis System (SORMAS)

Digital Solutions for mHealth & eHealth Surveillance

Welcome to SORMAS Official Website

...Saving lives through real time surveillance and outbreak rapid response


Collect Rumors & Notifications

SORMAS enables surveillance officers and epidemiologists to detect diseases based on real time health facility data and automatic notification


Validate Rumors & Notifications

SORMAS enables decision-makers to respond immediately to incoming information and to take adequate measures via the public health officers


Contact Management and Case Management

Information is made readily available for action and data quality assurance is performed as decontamination and isolation tasks are being carried out