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Are you interested in using SORMAS for COVID-19 in your country?

Contact us at sormas@helmholtz-hzi.de

SORMAS COVID module is being used in Nigeria, Ghana, Fiji and Germany and other organizations have installed SORMAS for their country's use to either manage cases, contact and persons who might have been exposed to high risk areas.  SORMAS team invites other countries to use SORMAS, SORMAS is free of charge and can be be set up to run within a country in less than 3 days. Contact us now sormas@helmholtz-hzi.de if you are interested. Read more about setting up SORMAS in your country. Read about the deployment of SORMAS for COVID 19 here

COVID-19 Response using SORMAS in Germany

The current coronavirus situation in Germany and the whole world is testing health services and the population. To fight the virus in the best way possible, the HZI modified the existing surveillance software SORMAS, so that a follow-up management for people infected by the coronavirus and those who had contact with infected people is possible. This new application for Germany is called Sormas-ÖGD-Covid-19 and can be used by all German health departments for free. For further information about Sormas-ÖGD-Covid-19 please visit our new website under www.sormas-oegd.de


Via our hotline from Monday to Friday 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. under
Tel .: +49 531 - 480 302010 or by email to support@sormas-oegd.de