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Open Source version of SORMAS

SORMAS was migrated into an open source software application in 2016. This fulfils the objective to ensure a sustainable software product independent from IT companies but that can be used within the software community to develop the health sector goals. The goal was to prioritize and characterize additional user groups (personas), revise process models for (Ebola virus disease, Cholera, Measles, highly pathogenic avian influenza) and develop new process models for 2 additional diseases (e.g. Lassa, Tuberculosis). SORMAS was also made to be interoperable with customized interfaces and functionalities to needs of future users such as the interface to District Health information system (DHIS2).  SORMAS can be revised for any country or set up and can access all documentations and source code in the GitHub repository. All the source codes and documentation for the SORMAS project are currently housed on the Github- SORMAS Project