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SORMAS Project Team

SORMAS development was achieved through intensive 2 week sprint meetings and SCRUM process adhered to through out the development period

Prof. Dr. Gerard Krause

Project Lead, SORMAS

Gerard Krause is a professor with a medical degree and PhD who has a passion to create ideas that translate into scientific results using technology Over the past 30 years, he has been working on investigating outbreaks and implementing surveillance systems in various countries of 3 continents . He is a perfectionist who believes SORMAS can take over the surveillance and outbreak world and we believe him and hence work with him

Daniel Tom-Aba


Daniel Tom Aba is a seasoned IT gick with over 10 years IT experience and 5 years public health, mHealth and eHealth in the health sector
He believes that he can use technology to solve public and epidemiological problems especially in Nigeria and Africa where he comes from

Bernard Silenou Chaw

Statistician, SORMAS

Bernard is a statistician with a MSc in Statistical Bioinformatics. He is a dynamic team player, love mastery of details and self discipline in his job. He is actively enthusiastic in the SORMAS dream of integrating statistics and Informatics methods in solving epidemiological problems in real time

Christin Walter

Project Manager, SORMAS

Christin is a talented and smart project manager in the SORMAS team who gently organizes and ensures that every team member is on track on all tasks as well makes sure we are never short of cakes and biscuits (Nervennahrung) during long hours of work
She is a great project manager and is a great budget manager as well

Dörrbecker Juliane

Senior Scientist, SORMAS

Juliane is the team lead for the SORMAS group at the HZI and is responsible for all the overall activities in SORMAS to ensure everything works according to the SORMAS project plan. She is also very detailed and makes sure the work is done to the letter

Martin Wahnschafee

Symeda, Software lead developer, SORMAS

Martin is the lead Software developer on the SORMAS project from Symeda and his team was responsible in migrating SORMAS from the closed version to an open source version. He is a smart programmer who has alot of experience on health informatics technology and eHealth

Maté Strysewske

Symeda, Software developer, SORMAS

Mate is a mobile app software developer with Symeda who is also working on the SORMAS development project and ensures that the mobile app of SORMAS is optimum and fits the business logic of the SORMAS manifest. He is also a dynamic and apt software engineer

Orson Sampson

Technology Board, UI & UX Software developer, SORMAS

Orson is a mobile app software developer with Technology Board Nigeria who is also working on the SORMAS development project and ensures that the UI and UX mobile app of SORMAS is optimum and fits the business logic of the SORMAS manifesto . He is also a good software engineer

Dr Wunmi Adeoye

SORMAS National Coordinator Nigeria

Dr. Wunmi popularly called "Mummy SORMAS" in Nigeria is a talented and brilliant National Coordinator of the SORMAS project in Nigeria. She is a gentle woman but a fiery lady when she wants to kick infectious diseases out of Nigeria. She is a special person within the SORMAS team and Nigeria is proud to have her leading the SORMAS project in Nigeria

Chinedu Arinze

IT Focal point, SORMAS Nigeria

Chinedu is passionate about the SORMAS project and can travel the whole country to ensure that SORMAS is deployed to every part of the country including the north eastern part of the country so that all . officers use SORMAS efficiently. He is a technical focal point for SORMAS in Nigeria and his phone is always ringing nights and days because of phone calls from the field. They love him

Ferdinand Oyiri

IT Focal point, SORMAS Nigeria

Ferdinand is an IT guy popularly called "Bunch" and likes to manage problems associated with SORMAS troubleshooting issues when it relates to network and internet issues.  He loves his work and is very passionate about the SORMAS project and is like a twin brother to Chinedu as they both travel the across Nigeria deploying SORMAS in every state ready for deployment. He is also loved by the SORMAS users in the field as they call him night and day