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Use Case Ghana 
As of March 2018, Discussions have already begun with the Ghana Health Services and the Ghana Community Network (GCNet) to deploy SORMAS as a test pilot in a few districts in Ghana. The first district would be greater . Accra. The SORMAS team has had 2 consecutive meetings with the ghana stakeholders and the country is willing to deploy SORMAS for their surveillance and outbreak response activities 
The SORMAS team is gearing up to set up base in Ghana and preparations have already begun

Pilot deployment and training
SORMASĀ® deployment in Ghana will be complemented by a step wise training, supportive supervision and systematic evaluation, such as
Training scenarios
Lectures and training evaluation
Instructional cartoon videos
User guides in English and Ghana loca dialects
ODK user surveys

SORMAS Team with the Ghana Health Services 2017

Stakeholders Meeting with SORMAS team Prof. Gerard Krause and Daniel Tom-Aba to discuss SORMAS deployment in Ghana