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We have a customized version of a SORMAS mobile device management system that is currently being used in Nigeria and Ghana. It has been successful in managing mobile devices used in the field for remote support, device maintenance and kiosk functionality. 

Below is a detailed breakdown of the functionalities of the customized MDM. Please note that this is not just a kiosk like Samsung KNOX that is used to lock the tablets to specific apps but it does much more than that as listed below. The company who has developed and customized the software for SORMAS is called Mirabilia Nig. Ltd and they have provided a mobile apk for your free use up to 100 tablets due to the COVID-19 response:

Below are the Specifications of the MDM that works swiftly with SORMAS system.


1. Unattended Remote Assistance

2. Geo-location history (30 days backlog)

3. Device Encryption

4. Device Application Control (Installation Restriction)

5. One Touch seamless deployment

6. Unlimited Device Support

7. Support for Andriod/IOS/Windows

8. Device Monitoring (RAM, Battery, ROM e.t.c)

9. SORMAS API-wired (interact with SORMAS app and upload all user activities within 30 days (data-backup))

10. SORMAS Interoperable using FIHR-7

11. Dedicated Server node per Instance (may use apache load balancer)

12. ISO9000 compliant

13. Specific Device Activity Log (Active, Inactive, Removed)

14. Device Remote Wipe

15. Device Full Data Wipe

16. Device Full Enterprise Wipe

17. Device SORMAS Specific Data Wipe

18. Device SORMAS Removal / Version Logs

How to monitor devices centrally?

The mirabilia mobile device manager uses a state of the art technology to monitor all tablets registered on the platform. you can monitor battery live, os state, user activeness, send messages to users, device location, applications installed and remote session for support. The MDM also tracks the devices and if stolen, all sensitive information can be wiped off the tablet.

Can monitoring be done independent of telecommunications provider?
The MDM does not need to work with telecommunications providers from the server point of view. The KIOSK app only requires the data on the phone to connect to the internet. This is the same data plan that is used on the tablet to run SORMAS so no extra effort required. 

The experience in Nigeria and Ghana.
The MDM in Nigeria has been a success. The latest release versions of the MDM has proven to work even in areas of low connectivity. Devices which are in hard to reach areas are shown as unreachable when offline, inactive when not used and active when it connects again to the internet. We have all SORMAS tablets in Nigeria registered on the Central MDM server ( This is the central server that hosts all SORMAS devices even for other countries. We are expanding the users across the country as we add more states to SORMAS. Let us know if you are interested in using the SORMAS recommended MDM. 
Telephone number: +4953161813100