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Use Case Nigeria
As of March 2018 over 352 clinicians, nurses, laboratory technicians, public health officers and, epidemiologists are using SORMAS® on mobile tablets or desktop computers in 108 Local Government Areas (LGA) of 12 Federal States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), assuring digital Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response for a population of over 37 million inhabitants in Nigeria
SORMAS® has been particularly instrumental in the public health response to the Monkeypox outbreak, the Meningitis outbreak and the Lassa outbreak in Nigeria in 2018
All data generated through SORMAS® is owned and processed in a central server under control of the Nigerian Center for Disease Control- NCDC

Training and Supervision

SORMAS® deployment in Nigeria was complemented by an increasing repository of tools for training, supportive supervision and systematic evaluation, such as
Training scenarios
Lectures and training evaluation
Instructional cartoon videos
User guides in English and Hausa
ODK user surveys