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SORMAS Project: Containing Infectious Disease Outbreaks with Big Data Analysis 

The ongoing Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa and and the possible re-emergence of new Ebola virus infections in countries such as Nigeria require to strengthen the disease surveillance and control capabilities. In October 2014, the Helmholtz Center for Infectious Diseases, Robert Koch Institute, Bernhard Nocht Institute, Nigeria Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program (NFELTP), Hasso Plattner Institute, and SAP consolidated their efforts and expertise in an interdisciplinary committee to build the Surveillance Outbreak and Response Management System (SORMAS), a management tool to support identifying emerging infections and suspected cases as well as their contacts and leveraging immediate information exchange between all involved parties of outbreak control.

Other SORMAS videos:
Overview video
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Surveillance officer video
Contact officer video
Surveillance supervisor video
Contact supervisor video