Are you interested in using SORMAS for COVID-19 in your country?

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SORMAS COVID module is being used in Nigeria, Ghana, Fiji and Germany and other organizations have installed SORMAS for their country's use to either manage cases, contact and persons who might have been exposed to high risk areas.  SORMAS team invites other countries to use SORMAS, SORMAS is free of charge and can be be set up to run within a country in less than 3 days. Contact us now if you are interested. Read more about setting up SORMAS in your country

SORMAS for new countries

Thank you for the information. We are very happy to be of help to you. Please do let us know in what capacity you would like to use SORMAS. 

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Our goal is to improve infectious disease control and management by applying control measures in a timely manner and to verify disease cases. We ensure availability of validated real time surveillance data which would in turn lower the disease burden through enabled contact tracing while monitoring of potential future cases. We offer easy-to use, multi-functional mobile health (mHealth) and electronic health (eHealth) applications which provides real-time data availability and compatibility with standard surveillance systems

Information for getting SORMAS into a new country

First of all, we would need an official letter of intent from the National ministry in charge of health and surveillance (i.e. ministry of health). SORMAS is a free and open source software but we do not have funding to train, buy devices or data plan packages. We can collaborate with you for joint support for funding (implementation and research funding opportunities). After the above is clarified, we are happy to engage and support you to adapt SORMAS, and implement SORMAS with training and configuration in your country

How to learn more about SORMAS



SORMAS at a glance: 


SORMAS overview:

Teaching materials, support and research 

How to use SORMAS as a hospital informant:

How to use SORMAS as a disease surveillance officer:

How to use SORMAS as a contact tracing officer:

How to use SORMAS as a Regional Surveillance Supervisor:

How to use SORMAS as a Contact tracing Supervisor:

Do you want to see how SORMAS works?

If you want to see how SORMAS works, you can access our SORMAS play version here and you can use the demo as you want to to understand how SORMAS can be of help to you. You can contact us for more information or next steps for deployment in your country

Telephone number: +4953161813100